When some people decide to switch to natural products for their at-home beauty treatments, they often wonder if the natural ingredients will be able to replicate the commercial products they have been using.
What they don’t realize is that their thinking is back-to-front – the synthetic products were mostly designed to replicate natural ingredients that had been successfully used for generations, sometimes centuries.

The synthetic ingredients were used either for cheapness of manufacture, or because the company could patent the ingredient, which they could not do with something that grows in nature.

Thankfully, many cosmetics companies are turning more and more to using natural ingredients in their products, largely as a direct result of consumer pressure.

However, often one or more natural ingredients will be loudly and proudly advertised, but a read of the ingredients shows there are still plenty of artificial inclusions, and not all are good for human health.

Making your own natural beauty products is beneficial on many levels. Skin and hair care shouldn’t be simply a cleansing task, it should be luxuriant self-care, that nourishes the whole body and the mind as well.

Choosing ingredients from nature and creating your own treatments can be cheaper, but more importantly, they can be tailored to your specific skin and hair types, as well as allowing for and treating any conditions you may have.